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  • Prequalifications

    Pioneers Prequalification

    We have the pleasure to introduce our company pioneerspsf Scaffolding & Formwork Co. specialist in supplying the scaffolding and Formwork systems.

    Formwork systems for Slabs, Columns & Access scaffolding along with Scaffolding and Formwork accessories are available for sale or hire, our products range is including most of the systems of formwork and scaffolding to provide to our customer the wide range to choose the convenient system to his project and all are in complying with British Standards BSI.

Find below list of Our Main customers and Projects, we participated inside Egypt and outside:
  • Construction Companies
  • Petroleum companies
  • Outside Egypt
  • German Thyssen group - Peiniger international co.
  • Cairo airport Project terminal3 - mass-s, tav
  • 1- British Petroleum (Scaffolding – Maadi Head Office)
  • 2- Petrojet : Borolos Pressure Pumping Station & Methanol Plant.
  • 3- Petrojet : Purchasing general deparment.
  • 4- Petrojet : Domiat – Menthanol plant.
  • 5- Petrojet : Asuit – silo 6000 Ton.
  • 6- Petrojet : Western desert- Khalda.
  • 7- Petromaint : (Medeor Refinery).

  • 1.CCC Moshereb Project Sudan
  • 2. Haramain Gate Co. (Hajj Terminal Jeddah Airport Project) KSA.
  • 3. Saudi Bin Ladin Arabia (King Abdullah University) Jeddah KSA.
  • 4. Petrojet: Algeria – Merk station